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Alhambra man builds chocolate store Halloween haunted house for the community

A man called Duane Aamot in Alhambra has been building haunted houses on his own for almost three decades. The house is open to the public on Halloween and it's free.

"We got a chocolate store this year. Last year was a bayou. Years before that, pirate ships, and I just change it up," Aamot said. Aamot used to be a stage manager at L.A.'s American film institute. He said he has always been an artist, even building sets when he was in high school.

"I just feel compelled to do this. It's a great thing for the community. Love seeing the look on kids and 80, 70-year-old people when they come up, and I know a lot of friends that come from out of the area," Aamot said.

He makes the haunted houses on his own for the community. He even did it while battling cancer.

"I had to sit down. I was in a wheelchair half the time building it but I haven't missed a year yet," Aamot said.

"It's just something different I haven't done before and it's always a challenge. So, I'm trying to embrace all the time, doing something you wouldn't think of, and make it exciting for people to look at," Aamot said.

The haunted house is only open on Halloween from dusk until about midnight and is free to the public.


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