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bail bonds in pasadena ca

The Bail Bonds Process in Pasadena, CA


Whenever someone is arrested in the city limits of Pasadena, CA, they will most likely be taken to the Pasadena Police Department. When the inmate arrives at the jail, he or she will be met by an officer, who will confiscate any personal belongings that the inmate may have on him or her for safekeeping for the duration of the time that the defendant spends at the jail.


Once that is completed, the jailer will then ask the defendant for some personal information, such as his or her name and date of birth as well as take a photo of the inmate. The jailer will then input all of this information into the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Database for future reference. Once the initial process of the entire booking process is completed, the jailer will continue to proceed with the fingerprinting process, which is done via a machine called the live scan machine. The purpose of this machine is to determine if the inmate has any outstanding warrants in the entire county by running his or her prints through the Department of Justice's database.


Our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds, cannot bail out your loved one before the jailer has received the results of the fingerprint scan. While our agent is waiting for your loved one to be cleared for bail, he or she will contact you with a place and time for you two to meet so that you could fill out all of the necessary paperwork before bailing out your loved one. Once the inmate has been cleared for bail, our expert agent will then rush to the jail and immediately post the bail on behalf of your loved one. At this point it should not take longer than an hour for your loved one to be released from jail. The jailer will first verify that all of the information is included in the paperwork, of course, but our agent will make sure that everything is filled out correctly before going to the jail. When the defendant is released to your custody, our agent will explain the entire situation to him or her and then will hand one of you an official receipt for the bail bond.


The receipt will have the inmate's information, the charges that the defendant is being charged with, the date and time of the court appearance, and court's address. It is vital that the defendant shows up to every single court date on time or the agent could revoke the bond and the defendant will be sent back to jail. Our agent will keep in contact with both of you to check on the court hearings and to make sure that everything is going good with the hearings.

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