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Pasadena Police Department


The Pasadena Police Department is located at 207 Garfield Ave Pasadena, CA 91101, which is located in the heart of the city of Pasadena. This police department believes that the ethical behavior of the its officers and community volunteers is the key to gaining the public's trust.


The Pasadena Police Department is lucky to have Phillip L. Sanchez as the Chief of Police, who is an avid believer of joining with the community in order to make it safer. Under the chief of Police are Darryl Qualls as the Deputy Chief, John E. Perez as the Criminal Investigations Division Commander, Ed Calatayud as the Strategic Services Division Commander, and Cheryl Moody as the Field Operations Division Commander. This team of leadership have done an amazing job at keeping the city of Pasadena as safe as possible. The main success of this department is their ability to gain the trust of the public and keep it so that they could help each other keep the entire city safe.


Whenever someone enters the front doors of the department, they can be assured that everyone in that building is working towards keeping the safety of the public and they will never see someone just standing around wasting time. Everyone employed by this department is passionate about the safety of the city and will stop at nothing to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to keep the community safe. According to their mission statement, “The Pasadena Police Department is dedicated to excellence as a world class public safety agency.” This means that they consider themselves a world class agency whose expertise is in the safety of the public.


They are dedicated to creating an environment where the members of the department and the community trust each other and feel safe around each other. This trust creates the best environment to raise a family or to live. Every officer tries as hard as they can to be more involved in community activities in order to get to know the people of the community at a personal level rather than as an officer of the law. When you create that personal connection, then you are more likely to help each other out and trust each other and the officer of the Pasadena Police Department understand that. This is why the department focuses on the trust of the community so much.


It is also the mission of this department to improve the quality of life for all residents by dedicating a team of individuals to approach community issues with innovative interventions. This police department is the perfect example of how a community and the people protecting them should interact and work with each other to keep the entire city safe at all times. If you have any more questions regarding this police department, then feel free to contact one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds.

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